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We Weren't Always this Way
When I became pregnant, my husband and I decided we were going to try and live on one income. That way we could have choices in the future. I could choose to go back to work or to stay home with the baby.  I did end up staying home with the (now) kiddos and we haven't looked back. 
This is not to say that we didn't have our ups and downs. In the last 14 years, my husband's work has gone from being extremely busy to horribly slow (commission based business). He had a couple of lay offs in there (one was for 54 weeks) and we were still able to make it and survive. 

It is crazy to think but with tweaking just a few things in our day, our habits can create an entirely different future for us. Before going on this 14 year journey, I don't think I could say that we are almost debt free! Just the house left. 

What an amazing feeling.        #Freedom
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