Are you ready for
Financial Freedom?
Are you feeling stuck with your personal finances? 

Do you feel that you can't keep up with all the bills? 

Do you feel you work too hard to be broke every month 
& don't see a way out?
  • What if you could HAVE IT ALL?
  • Could you even imagine what it would be like to be DEBT FREE?

  • No more fighting with your spouse about money
  • No more car payments
  • Not stuck in a job you hate
  • Have an emergency savings account fully funded
  • The house is paid off
  • You have time and financial freedom
  • You can have all of that and so much more!

How Do I Know This Program Works?

I know it works because I have followed it for the last 13 years. We have lived on 1 income since we started having kids. We were able to pay off our brand new van in 12 months, that is on top of having a baby that year and paying $3000+ in deductibles and co-pays. We have gone through times when the market crashed and the income wasn't there. 

The last 13 years haven't always been great, to be honest it has been like a roller coaster. We went through times where we had job loss, one was for 6 months and the other was over a year. Can you imagine having no income for over a year? What would your life look like?

I can tell you that we had enough set aside because of this plan to sustain us. Most people didn't even know that we had no work. We went through Christmas and 2 kid's birthday parties. Our lives looked a bit different but no one went without. Our gifts looked a little different but you know what, they were better than before. It's amazing how creative you can get when you have to put more thought in it than money.

If you are ready to get a game plan and take control of your finances with us, we can't wait to have you! This program will help you to look at things a little different for a huge difference. 


What are people saying about 

Financial Freedom!

Corey & Cristy paid off $250,000 and are now Debt Free! 

Darra and Randy were able to pay off 
$66,791 in only 13 months!!! 

Mayra has saved more than $100 in just 3 weeks 
on groceries alone! 

This plan includes:

  • Weekly lessons to see where your money is going
  • Templates & Forms to help you strategize a plan
  • Zoom Group Coaching meetings for the 7 week course
  • Strategies for tackling debt
  • On going Community Accountability Group
  • and so much more