Say Goodbye to Debt and Hello to Financial Freedom: The Benefits of Being Debt-Free

Can you imagine waking up in the morning without having to worry about making payments on your credit card bills, student loans, or car loans? That's the beauty of being debt-free. When you're debt-free, you have complete control over your finances and you can make choices without being held back by debt obligations.
So, why is being debt-free so important? Let me break it down for you:

  1. More money in your pocket: When you don't have any debt payments to make, you'll have more money to save for your future expenses, investments, or just for a rainy day. It's like having extra cash every month that you can use however you want!

  2. Financial security: Debt can be a real stressor, but being debt-free eliminates that worry and provides you with a sense of financial security. You'll be able to sleep soundly knowing that you're in control of your finances.

  3. A better credit score: Paying off debt can have a positive impact on your credit score, which is a crucial factor in determining your ability to get loans and the interest rates you pay. So, not only will you be debt-free, but you'll also have a better credit score!

  4. More spending power: When you're debt-free, you'll have more money to spend on the things that matter most to you. Whether it's traveling, starting a family, or buying a home, you'll have the freedom to make choices without financial constraints.

  5. Peace of mind: Debt can be overwhelming, but being debt-free allows you to focus on your goals and dreams without the burden of debt hanging over you. You'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with financial stability.

  6. More flexibility: When you're debt-free, you have the flexibility to make important life decisions without being limited by debt obligations. Whether it's changing careers, starting a business, or buying a home, you'll be able to take control of your life and make choices that align with your goals and values.
Being debt-free is a huge win for your finances and can greatly improve your quality of life. While it takes effort and dedication to get there, the end result is so worth it. So, why not start today? Start taking control of your finances and work towards becoming debt-free. Trust me, your future self will thank you!

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So, don't wait any longer. Sign up for our financial freedom course today and take the first step towards a better financial future!

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Cash is King! My Envelope System

I was chatting with some of my friends and they let me know how hard it is to use cash. They would just assume charge everything and pay it off at the end of the month! Boy, does that sound familiar. That was me 11 years ago. I was fine because I pay off my credit cards monthly and don't pay interest. 
That makes me awesome right?
Not matter how you handle your money, you are awesome! What I have learned is, if you are like me and pay off your cards monthly, you are always a month behind. Meaning, if you charge and charge planning on paying it off at the end of the month and something bad happens, loss of job, car breaks down, someone gets sick, you are going to be behind. 

I'm not saying that paying cash for everything is easy! Not at all. It is work just like anything else. What I am saying is that once you start using cash and know where your money is, know how much you have left for the end of the month. You are more in control of your future. 
Your envelope system doesn't have to be fancy! Not even, this is a pic of mine! Yep, it is an old  coupon organizer. This one has 7 sections and as you can see I have them labeled with what they are for and the dollar amount I want to put in there weekly!

These are the sections we use for our family and seem to be working because they haven't been changed in all these years: 

Allowance. Yep, I call it what it is. My husband and I have money that we get weekly and we pull it from there. I don't need to know that he got his 178th 2L of Mountain Dew for the week and he certainly doesn't need to know if I got a new purse. You get the idea. 

Groceries /Household: Kinda self explanatory. I let this fund roll over and when I see a great sale I am ready to stockpile.

Clothing: I know I am amazed that these kids grow too but we have to be prepared for when they need new clothes (us too).

Birthdays: Both of my children have late fall/winter birthdays and I need this section so that I am not stealing from Christmas fund to have a party. #Truth

Christmas: When I put a little in there every payday then when I see a great deal I can grab it throughout the year! Grab my Debt Free Christmas tips and tricks here. It's free and my gift to you. 

Entertainment:  This is an important fund so that you are prepared and can plan some fun times with family and friends. 

The KIDS  This is where I put money every payday and let it build up. We use it for those yearbooks, school photos, books, school uniforms, school supplies etc. It might sound silly, I know that every year they get pictures taken for school and they are crazy expensive. This way I don't have to worry about and figure out which fund I am taking that from. 

Of course you can find tons of envelope systems all over the place. If you are in need of one you can go to the dollar section and grab a coupon organizer or even a fancy Envelope System, which ever one you choose I know that it will bless you and your family!

Are you planning on going Cash Only? What categories will you have?

Don't forget to grab my guide for 3 EASY Ways to Save you Money!

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How We Paid off Our Van in 12 Months

It feels like yesterday that we started this budgeting journey. I was pregnant with munchkin #2 and we finally got the van that I had been saving and saving for. We had $6100 to put down on that van, which took us 2 years to save, not bad right? HA! I was so happy to get that van because the one stroller didn't fit in my Ford Escort, I knew that a double stroller was not going to work.

That monthly payment was a lot for us, (about twice as much as my last car loan) but we were going to make it work.
About 2 weeks after we purchased the van our church had a workshop about finances and gave out a book. That book was the start of a journey to financial freedom. I was hooked. I started watching other programs and reading more and more about how normal people like us become debt free. I gained strategies from multiple resources and put them into practice.   
Every extra dime we had went to pay off the van, if I used a coupon, then the value of the coupon went to toward that van. If my husband worked extra hours, it went toward that van. I know it sounds crazy but tweaking just little things you do on a daily basis can put an extreme change in your habits. 
We were able to pay off that van ($29,000) in 12 months, on one income, with 2 babies in the house. Did you read that right? YEP 12 months $29,000 and that van is MINE!!!!  I am hooked. I can't tell you the happiness we feel every month now that we don't have a car loan.  I know that this works and we are now on a CASH ONLY budget. We are not using Credit Cards or Debit Cards.
At this point in our lives we only have the mortgage as our debt. I want to have that paid off and be truly financially free! (I mean really.... can you imagine having NO MORTGAGE?  I can't wait!

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