We were excited to not only entertain guests but taste the beef verses all the ingredients I usually put in to make burgers. This time I only added Montreal Steak Seasoning. It was gluten free option for my friend and quite delicious for us. Talk about a win/win. 

Before you all make fun of me, it was over 100 degrees so I decided to grill them on the George Foreman. It was amazing in the A/C and not out in the dreadful sun.
It was hard to get a picture before everyone started chowing down but I was able to get one of the double burgers. I will say that everyone loved the burgers and I had absolutely NO leftovers. 
We all know that grass-fed meat is better for you because it is leaner and provides you antioxidants and vitamins but let’s face it, a guilt free burger always tastes better. Being able to purchase from a rancher allows us options of knowing exactly what we are getting without the struggle finding empty grocery shelves.
A little about Grassy Mountain Beef
Grassy Mountain Beef is a 6 generation family owned ranch, based in St. George UT. The cows are roaming free over hundreds of miles in the “Arizona Strip”, a large, rugged, virtually untouched area of range found in the northwest corner of Arizona, bordering Utah and Nevada. 
  • Cattle are mostly Black Angus, but include Red Angus, Charley, & Beef Master. 
  • These cows are born and naturally raised across acres of free range.  
  • They are not treated with any type of hormones or antibiotics. 
  • Diet consists of a wide variety of grasses and forage native to the area. 
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